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The Celestial Academy for Fallen Stars

You Belong Among the Stars

Wicked Academia

There is something wicked about the Greywick triplets.

The eldest has a wicked smile.

The middle has a wicked mind.

The youngest has a wicked heart.

Vivian, Marion, and Timothée Greywick’s father told them one thing before he died: stay away from the Celestial Academy for Fallen Stars. And they’ve done just that, becoming perfectly respectable members of society, with no use for star magic. 

Except that in the starlight, the Greywick siblings glow.

When the triplets accidentally save a young prince and his companions, they’re not just the Greywicks anymore. They’re the Lost Star Children: children of the gods, harbouring unforetold magic. Now they’re bound for the Celestial Academy for Fallen Stars, whether they like it or not.

One will become a monster. The other, a queen. The last, a god. 

Anything is possible at the Celestial Academy for Fallen Stars. 

Swallow a Star
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