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Wicked Academia
A Celebration among the stars

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A Novella Set During Stormwind of Shadows

August 23 2022


A Birthday Party Fit for the Gods

The Greywicks are starting to settle in at the Celestial Academy for Fallen Stars and intend to celebrate their birthday the way they always have: with themselves. However, a couple new friends have gotten word of the special occasion and intend to make it as memorable as possible for the Greywicks. Despite Marion’s hatred of the Academy and the new-found starcraft inside of herself, she can’t help but find magic all around. Vivian and Prince Darius find themselves caught in a rainstorm after an argument. The Prince gets down on his knees to make it up to her. And Timothée receives a gift so thoughtful from Valentine, it makes him ponder the type of person he wants to fall in love with. Read this mini-novella, set during Stormwind of Shadows!

Wicked Academia: A Celebration Among the Stars is a 10k novella regarding the Greywicks’ birthday! This scene takes place between Chapters 12 and 13 of Wicked Academia 2: Stormwind of Shadows. It features birthday surprises, a bit of steam, and a birthday present from the enemy.

Please be aware Wicked Academia is a new adult fantasy and contains mature themes. It is intended for adult audiences.

Content Warnings

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Explicit sexual scenes, Parental death (briefly mentioned).

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