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Dark Star

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Disciples of Noctis

Spellbound by Shadows

Destruction requires unbound passion and a ruthless soul. The Dark Star House was created in order to find all those with the same power as the ruined god Noctis and bind their magic. Dark Stars are noted for their mercurial nature and powerful emotions. 


The Magic


There is a good reason those born with the power to destruct have their magic bound. After all, they are made with the same magic as the fallen god, Noctis, and that power cannot be trusted.

Instead, they practice the art of potion-making and alchemy. For if a Dark Star were allowed to train their magic and discover what they were capable of...the very light of the stars could cease to shine.

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Patron Beast


It was the god Noctis who made the first vampires that plague the world today. Desperate to show the world he could both create and change with his cursed power of destruction, Noctis made an army of abominations that feasted on blood and walked the silver line between life and death. The bat is a relic of Noctis's army, one Dark Stars still revere.

Purple Curtain


Purple & Silver

Dark Stars wear the purple and silver of twilight shadows, made with the intention for Dark Stars to blend in to the background. However, Dark Stars often take liberties with their uniforms, embellishing them to personal preference. Some say it is because their house leader is less strict. Others say it is because the Dark Stars have no pride in their cursed lineage. And still others say it is because a Dark Stars' soul cannot stay bound behind a uniform and collar.

Notable Dark Stars


Carmilla Vladimirovna

"I will take what is owed even if I have to rip it from the hands of the gods themselves."

The former Grand Princess of the fallen Kirrintsovan Empire, Carmilla knows the taste of loss. It is little wonder why the students and teachers shy away from the gleam beneath her gaze. After all, it's said a wounded animal has the harshest bite.

Age: 20  | Height: 5'6

Birthday: 10th day of the Strawberry Love Moon

Place of Birth: Novograd, Kirrintsova

Eyes: Green | Hair: Red 

Favourite Food: Beef stroganoff


Valentine Sun

"I would tear every star from the sky if it meant bringing you back to me."

Being top of your class doesn't mean much when you're a Dark Star, deemed a special sort of dangerous. But Val is quite comfortable with the idea of evil. After all, you can only fight monsters so long before you become one yourself. 

Age: 20  | Height: 5'8

Birthday: 13th Day of the Red Corn Moon 

Place of Birth: unknown

Eyes: Lavender | Hair: White-lavender 

Favourite Food: Pomegranate

House Words
Noteable Members
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Enter the Cauldron 

Rumors abound about what one may find in the Dark Star common room. A dungeon covered in cobwebs? Vials of bubbling elixirs? Terrible transmutation experiments? Dark Stars keep their secrets close. Though if you walk past in the odd hours of the morning, you may hear laughter and music. 
This common room is a secret space only for starlings who have swallowed a Dark Star. A password is required
Take the test to Discover your Magic.

The Cauldron
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