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Evening Star

Disciples of Xydrious


Forged on the Wings of Starlight

Change requires a brave heart and a ready imagination. The Evening Star House was made in honour of the god Xydrious, the First Father. Evening Stars are revered for their perseverance, whimsy, and creativity.  

Flaming Sword

The Magic


Some people say it takes a special sort of arrogance to wield the power of change, to think oneself worthy of altering the Creator's original design. Evening Stars would say it is not arrogance, but rather their duty to leave things better than they found them. They view the world with romantic whimsy, knowing nothing really is as it seems. Whether it means wielding a weapon that changes from sword to bow to spear, mending a broken bone, or even altering the thoughts of another, Evening Stars will see their visions through...whether others agree with them or not. 


Patron Beast


The god Xydrious created the Evening Stars' patron beast, the pegasus, by altering the shape of a horse to gift it flight. A symbol of the untold possibilities of their magic, Evening Stars look to the Pegasus as they dream of their own wings.   



Blue & Silver

Resembling the shifting night sky, Evening Stars wear blue and silver, so they shimmer like the constellations themselves.

Notable Evening Stars


Prince Darius Störmberg

"My destiny is forged by starlight."

The young prince's life has been touched by tragedy, but he vows to restore his kingdom to its former glory. Anyone who stands in his way will learn the true power of a Störmberg.

Age: 19 | Height: 6'4 

Birthday: 21st day of the Long Night's Moon

Place of Birth: Wolfhelm, Andúrigard

Eyes: Blue | Hair: Blond

Favourite Food: Roast & Potatoes


Tafieri Hartton

"If we stand together, we will shine so bright, the sun will dim before us."

Daughter to the Captain of the Störmberg Guard, Tal knows the meaning of dedication. As the first of her family capable of wielding star magic, Tal will stop at nothing to prove her worth and bring honour to the kingdom. But when the Greywick triplets arrive, honour may be the first thing sacrificed if she's to keep the Academy in one piece. 

Age: 20 | Height: 5'4

Birthday: 1st day of the Long Night's Moon

Place of Birth: Wolfhelm, Andúrigard

Eyes: Brown| Hair: Black

Favourite Food: Salted caramel ice cream

House Words
Noteable Members

Enter the Den

The Den is the Evening Star’s common room, a place where all the change-makers of the Academy can rest…though more often than not, they are found practicing their magic. Like the pegasus who was born to fly, Evening Stars can’t help but push the boundaries they were born with.  
This common room is a secret space only for Starlings who have swallowed an Evening Star. A password is required.
Take the test to discover your magic

The Den
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