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Morning Star

Disciples of Rhaemyria

From The Ashes

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Creation requires a gentle touch and a sharp mind. The Morning Star House was made in honour of the great goddess Rhaemyria, the First Mother. Morning Stars are revered for their kindness, intelligence, and self-control. 


The Magic


Morning Stars wield the first and oldest form of magic: creation. Able to make matter from nothing, Morning Stars can bring grass to an arid field, birth a flame from naught but air, or create a storm powerful enough to sink a fleet of ships. Controlling their creations, however, is another matter.

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Patron Beast


It is said the goddess Rhaemyria made the world from the back of a giant phoenix who could ignite the sun with a flick of its tail feathers. It is little wonder the Morning Stars took the phoenix as their patron, being it a symbol of ultimate creation: life.

Gold Liquid


Gold & Silver

Adorned in the gold of a breaking dawn and the silver of their magic-giving stars, Morning Stars wear their colours with pride.

Notable Morning Stars


Khalid Ali Bagheeri

"I told you from the start. The world is not enough."

No student or teacher at the Academy is immune to the charm of Khalid Ali Bagheeri's smile. But behind the silver tongue and winking eye of Prince Darius's vassal, is the mind of a scheming revolutionary. Khalid will see his goals accomplished, no matter whose heart he breaks in the process. 

Age: 20  | Height: 6'1

Birthday: 1st day of the Blessed Thunder Moon

Place of Birth: Baz-Kazar

Eyes: Green | Hair: Dark Brown 

Favourite Food: Baba ghanoush


Rayna Ang

"We're a big, happy family. We might stab each other in the back a little, but we're a family all the same."

Rayna's bright smile and charismatic laugh are staples of the Morning Star common room. Though she may seem flippant, Rayna is the eyes and ears of the Nest. She trades in secrets and whispers. She operates as Khalid's right-hand, but can a shadow have true loyalty?

Age: 20 | Height: 5'3

Birthday: 30th day of the Merry Flower Moon 

Place of Birth: Baz-Kazar

Eyes: Blue | Hair: Blue 

Favourite Food: Baked salmon

House Words
Noteable Members
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Enter the Nest

Like the phoenix, Morning Stars too like to curl up in their Nest, surrounded by their treasures: books and cakes and things that grow. 
This common room is a secret space only for Starlings who have swallowed a Morning Star. A password is required.
Take the test to discover your magic.

The Nest
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