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Bonus Chapter – 15 - In Which Valentine Finally Falls Asleep

Here is a preview of a Patreon exclusive scene. This scene is 15 pages long and is Val's POV of chapter 15. What does he really think about his new roommate? It also contains a small snippet at the end of Val's birthday gift to Timothée.

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Love and Starlight, Jasmine & Sophie

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Bonus Chapter – 15 - In Which Valentine Finally Falls Asleep - Preview

The first time Val saw Timothée Greywick was the second worst day of his life. The boy had been sprawled out before him with a dumbfounded expression that didn’t match his face.

Val wasn’t sure what he expected from a child of the gods. No, he did know what he expected, and it wasn’t Timothée Greywick. With his gangly walk and swaying arms and goofy smile and wanting to be friends.

And this disaster of a boy was at the Celestial Rite completely out of control of his magic.

He’d finally caught his star, and now he was terrified, and his magic was doing whatever it could to protect him.

Of course, that’s not what it looked like. It looked like chaos. Black shadows sprung up from around Timothée’s feet, lashing out and forming a barrier between him and the world.

Calm down, you idiot.

Timothée’s sisters were screaming, and Khalid was physically holding the blonde one back from rushing to her brother.

The Greywick sisters were almost as annoying as Timothée. The quiet vampire less so. Val even had a bit of pity for her. When that prince she clung to found out what she was, she wouldn’t just be expelled—she’d be executed. And where would the Archpriestess fall on that side of the debacle? One adopted child a vampire, and the other a Dark Star.

That would leave her but one option for whatever she no doubt had planned for the Greywicks. Marion.

He didn’t want to think about her, why she annoyed him so much. But the memories were pebbling at him anyways. Like Timothée was unable to stop his magic, Val was unable to stop images of his brother from flashing in his mind. His long blonde hair, the wide smile unable to be hidden by his thick beard. How when he said Val’s name, it was like thunder booming with joy.

That girl was like Kris in her protectiveness, her loyalty, her unwavering determination.

He watched her break free of Khalid and run toward her brother.

Well, now we’ll see if you still love him. Or if she was as much like Kris as he suspected.


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