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Bonus Chapter–In Which the Prophet of Stars Kisses a Shadow

As a reminder regular chapters are on hiatus for the month of January. However, we still posting bonus chapters to our Patreon.

Here is a preview of a Patreon exclusive scene: A 28 page prequel scene between the Prophet of Stars and Noctis, the god of destruction. The Prince, now known as the Prophet of Stars, engages with his master and begs for love.

Love and Starlight, Jasmine & Sophie

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Timeline: This is a prequel scene that takes place during the ancient war between Rhaemyria and Noctis.

In Which the Prophet of Stars Kisses a Shadow

Please be aware Wicked Academia is an adult novel and this scene is intended for audiences 18+.

Noctis fell to the bed, seeming not to care about the broken canopy strew about. Valenor stood at the edge. He already seems in a better mood, Valenor thought. Not that the arrogant bastard will ever admit my potion worked. But he couldn’t help but stare at the God of Shadows now, muscular legs outstretched, the long lean torso, the tilt of his head, and the thick dark hair framing his handsome face.

“Come now, Valenor,” Noctis drawled. “I wasn’t gone that long. Must you gawk at me at every given moment?”

Valenor lowered his head, waves of lilac hair shading his eyes. “Words cannot convey how I’ve longed for you, m’lord.”

“Then show me.”

Valenor flicked his eyes up, staring at the cocky grin on the god’s face, the sinister invitation. Breath heavy, he kicked off his boots and clamored onto the bed. Noctis yanked him into his lap. He inhaled sharply at the contact of their bodies, now with no armour between them.

Noctis dragged his fingers through Valenor’s long hair, then gripped it tightly in a knot, tugged. He gasped as he was ripped away from his lord’s face. Noctis grey gaze felt like a burn, but when he touched his palm to Valenor’s chest, his hands were cold, darkness rippling through his long fingers. He pulled the shirt off Valenor’s shoulders, and shadows pooled over his pale skin. He couldn’t tell whether it was his magic or Noctis’s, or if it even mattered.

It was the same.

Noctis gripped either side of his waist, dragged his palms downs, thumbs catching on the sharp points of his hip bones, then moved to his thighs.


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