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Pre-order Campaign

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Wicked Academia 2: Stormwind of Shadows 

August 23 2022

Get the first three chapters of Stormwind of Shadows


A mini birthday party novella of the Greywick Triplets!

Pre-Order Stormwind of Shadows, Book 2 in the Wicked Academia saga, to receive a pre-order gift!

What will I get if I pre-order SoS?
You will receive the first three chapters of Stormwind of Shadows within 48 hours! It takes off right where Lost Stars ended, so if you need to know what happens, now you can! Please note the first three chapters may change slightly for the final version.
You will also receive a mini novella on launch day, featuring the Greywicks' birthday party! These scenes have only ever before been seen on Patreon. This includes a scene from each triplets' perspective, including a spicy NSFW scene!

How do I pre-order SoS?
Purchase it on any retailer, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or our website! See the link here! 

How do I receive my pre-order gifts?
Fill out the Google Form here! Please note you MUST be 18+ over to receive your gift, as it does include a NSFW scene.

What is "Proof of Purchase"?
Just show us a screenshot of your order or attach your invoice/receipt! Anything that proves you bought the book. Alternatively, you can show us a screenshot of you recommending the book to your public library!

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