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The Professors

Headmistress & Archpriestess

After the betrayal and disappearance of the Academy's former headmaster nineteen years ago, Archpriestess Kassandra took it upon herself to fulfill both heavy roles in order to maintain peace and order. Some now claim her to be as powerful as the gods themselves.


Archpriestess Kassandra

"Live by the will of the gods or die by it."

The Archpriestess has looked after the Academy for as long as it has hung in the sky. She has overseen war, revolution, and the rise and fall of kingdoms. How many of these have been of her own creation is unknown...

Star Magic: Morning Star 

Subjects: Oversees rituals and school-wide ceremonies

Heads of House


Inga Kunuk

"We have the power to create the world of our dreams. Be careful of nightmares."

Professor Kunuk has been at the Academy for a long time. A very long time. While others may have become jaded by the state of the world, Professor Kunuk continues to empower her students with hope for the future. After all, she'll be living it. 

Star Magic: Morning Star

Subjects: Creationism, politics, herbology


Loremaster Setviren 

"I pray the gods have mercy on you. By the stars, you will need it. "

A twister of tales, a mind filled with memories ancient and forbidden, Setviren serves the Archpriestess with undaunting loyalty. One day the gods may come down from the stars, and Setviren will make sure he is the one to greet them.

Star Magic: Evening Star

Subjects: History, literature, metamorphosis

Head Professors

Quincy Barracus

"The lot of you are freaks. Losers. Washouts. That means they'll underestimate you. And that makes you dangerous."

Professor Barracus is the most talented potion-maker and alchemist in the kingdom. But instead of using his gifts in the king's army or working on his research, he's been tasked to teach the despised Dark Star students. Despite this despicable assignment, Professor Barracus finds himself consistently surprised by the tenacity of his students. So tenacious, in fact, he might be able to enlist them in discovering the mysteries of the Archpriestess and the Academy...

Star Magic: None

Subjects: Potions, alchemy, swordplay

Other Professors

Other Professors
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