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Old World Map


As Above, So Below

The wilder world, land of mortals, undead, and walking gods. Thraina has seen the rise and fall of countless kingdoms and territories, the most notable being the Kirrintsovan Empire, the kingdom of Andúrigard, and the free peoples of Medihsa.

For centuries, three territories ruled separately. Then, there were two: the Kirrintsovan Empire and the Andúrigardian Kingdom. Medihsa was annexed into Andúrigard for opposing the Church’s dominion over star magic. Sixteen years ago, the people of Medihsa rose up for their independence. Supported by the Kirrintsovan Empire, Medihsa and the Empire waged war upon Andúrigard.

However, when the Kirrintsovan Empire began wielding forbidden dark magic in a vengeful and twisted way, Medihsa left their alliance and chose to realign with Andúrigard.


Together, Medihsa and Andúrigard destroyed the Empire’s army and ended their four year long dark reign. In consequence for the war, Andúrigard annexed the Empire and executed the Emperor and Empress. They allowed the ministers of Medihsa to live and retain their positions, but it was in title and name only, for the true ruling of Medihsa was to be done by new embassies of Andúrigard. Medihsa would remain a vassal state, never to know true independence.

As the final act of punishment for the rebellion, Andúrigard took the child of the late Emperor and Empress and the child of the ministers of Medihsa as wards. These children were to be raised with the Andúrigardian King and Queen’s children, in hopes the future rulers would form a lifelong friendship that leads to unification for all of Thraina…

Old World Map

(formerly The Kirrintsovan Empire)


Capital: Novagrad

Important cities: Zaremara, Naberiysk

Current status: Vassal state of Andúrigard

Former rulers: The Vladimirovna royal family

Head of state: Astrid Hjalmarsson, ambassador from Andúrigard, and steward of Kirrintsova

Sigil: Clawing bear

Colours: Red and black

Kirrintsova is a vast, sprawling network of forests, lakes, and marshes the comprises the southern half of the mainland. It is said the people of Kirrintsova are born without fear for they must wander the dark woods and swamps that make up their homeland. White birch forests stretch the pathways between the cities and guard the entranceway to Novagrad, the capital.

Grand buildings with large cubed roofs, painted domes, and opulent floral designs are a welcome surprise compared to the wildness outside of the cities.

The Kirrintsovan Empire was the only nation that welcomed the undead, known as vampires, among the living. This was because of the Kirrintsovan’ love of Noctis, the fallen god. The vampires were his children, and so they were welcomed in the Empire. However, after the Blood War, vampires were banished in all three nations. There is rumour, however, of an underground society below Novagrad where the dead dance and plot.

After the Kirrintsovan Empire backed Medihsa in the war against Andúrigard sixteen years ago, they chanced a secret military maneuver they had kept hidden from the Church: an army of Dark Star magic-users. This twisted magic lost them the allyship of Medihsa, and both were annexed by Andúrigard. The Emperor and Empress paid with their lives.


Now, an ambassador from Andúrigard sits on the Kirrintsovan throne until the former princess Carmilla finishes her education. After that, she will rule alongside an Andúrigardian embassy, and the world will be at peace because she has grown up with great love in her heart for Andúrigard and the Crown Prince…or so Darius believes.



Capital: Wolfhelm

Important cities: Svendbæk, Bøgelund

Current status: Ruling power in Thraina

Current rulers: Jeremysson Borstigsson, steward, and Crown Prince Darius Störmberg

Colours:  Gold and blue

Sigil: Howling wolf


The original Kingdom of Andúrigard comprises the north half of the mainland. Most of Andúrigard is cold, battling many storms and months of darkness.


Great mountains span the most northern tip, surrounded by inhabitable tundra. But beauty lies within the brutality of the frigid north, with colourful lights that dance across the sky, and crystal blue fjords. Great forests stretch across the land, filled with lichen, moss, and all manner of beasts.

The formidable capital of Wolfhelm features wooden and log buildings mixed with towering stone architecture filled with stained glass windows, pointed arches, and ornate decoration. The people of Andúrigard pride themselves on being the most pious, as the royal family has always had connections to the Church.

Andúrigard has remained the ruling power of Thraina for the last 100 years. However, for the last twelve years, Andúrigard has seized control of the entire mainland and surrounding islands, finally creating a unified Thraina. As Crown Prince Darius was raised with the wards from both the Empire and Medihsa, true friendship has developed between the future leaders of the three nations. Surely, only peace can follow.



Capital: Baz-Kazar

Important cities: Al Mirbad, Qusen

Current status: Vassal state of Andúrigard

Current rulers: Nouzar and Shiva Ali Bagheeri, with a stationed Andúrigardian embassy  

Colours:  Rose and green

Sigil: Snarling leopard


Medihsa is a series of islands to the east of the mainland. The largest island is comprised of a vast array of climates, from the arid deserts to the rugged mountain ranges. The southern part of Medihsa includes lush subtropical forests, where walnuts, melon, tangerine, kiwifruit, pomegranates, peaches, and watermelon grow.


The capital city of Baz-Kazar is renowned for its beautiful architecture, featuring many domed buildings, sprawling garden pavilions, and intricately carved columns and statues. Medihsans are known for their love of theatre, and their lively bazaars where lanterns mark stalls of colourful silks and sweet perfumes. Travellers are often in awe of the growing flower fields on the outside of the city, or the Great Salt Sea that surrounds the capital.  

Medihsa has not had true independence in 100 years, save the two years they waged war on Andúrigard. The beloved ministers of Medihsa, Shiva and Nouzar Ali Bagheeri, gave their son up to the Kingdom in exchange for peace.


The Medihsans say their ministers are prisoners in their own homes, puppets to the true rulers: the Andúrigardian embassy stationed in order to make sure the Medihsans never rise up again. But the Crown Prince of Andúrigard would disagree. For he and the ministers’ son were raised as brothers. And Khalid Ali Bagheeri is a man of the Kingdom now. Isn’t he?

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