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The Sapphire Ranger

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The Sapphire Ranger

September 2022 on Patreon


An Adventure Worth Dying For... Probably

Beginning in September 2022, Starlight tier patrons and above will receive eight chapters a month of our new web novel The Sapphire Ranger.


This story is YA high fantasy and completely separate from the world of Wicked Academia.


Elven princess Lyra Duskfell thought losing her magic was the worst of her problems—until she is forced into an arranged marriage with the king of a cursed island. On Korrin, the dead come back as blights and ancient beasts roam the jungle.

Lyra escapes the wedding with the help of Elias, the half-elf she’s been in love with her whole life—and who is somehow able to repel the dead. But they discover there are things far more dangerous than a jealous king or a jungle filled with monsters. Korrin’s undead are caused by a curse their mothers placed on the island a century ago.

Now Lyra and Elias must team up with a group of mysterious strangers with secrets of their own to right the wrongs of the past. If Lyra can’t regain her magic and Elias cannot harness his newfound powers, the curse won’t just haunt Korrin: it will spread all over the world.

A princess desperate to follow in her mother's footsteps—wherever they take her.

A sorceress at the whim of her uncontrollable magic.

A prince bound by duty to destroy those he loves.

A mercenary with a heart of gold and a tongue of silver.

And a banished half-elf who even the dead fear.

The deeper Lyra and her friends venture into the jungle, the more of themselves will be stripped away, until all they have left is each other: to love, to destroy, to lead to the light… or the darkness.

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